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Industry Briefs

Bernadette Champion is founder and CEO of Champion Services Travel, a Certified Group Only Travel Agency based in Fort Washington, Maryland. Bernadette is a visionary who has always taken 'Global Travel" well beyond typical industry expectations to an "Unimaginable Level". Since 1987, she has nurtured her travel career, cultivating powerful lifelong relationships with travel partners and travel members around the world. Bernadette has an amazing track record of transforming the typical travel expectations from the Tran$actional "this for that", into something that feels more like a "Warm Welcome Home". Due to CST's desire to share our vast diaspora,

we personally customize our tours to include almost everything into our travel packages.

Our Services and Qualifications since 1987 have allowed us to travel to 6 out of 7 continents. Bernadette has served the Washington DC area and beyond with a real sense of pride in our community. We like where we live and love where we send our customers, which is why we treat our travelers like family. In fact, they tell us over and over that they don't trust anyone else to take care of their travel needs.

Bernadette Champion recognized the need for experienced agents in the Internet age. While many agents succumb to the pressure of bargaining on Internet sites, Bernadette recognized the need for caring, considerate, knowledgeable, and experienced "Customer Friendly" travel professionals.

After working for 10 years as an outside group agent for private agencies, Champion Services Travel opened its own doors 25 years ago on the premise that you can see the world through your own eyes and not allow the media, news, and or programs to paint a portrait for you... nothing beats seeing many cultures and traditions that in most cases are different from yours. Create wonderful new experiences and meet new friends that you will never forget. As we travel around the world, we expect nothing but the best from our travel suppliers so that our clients will experience the best "Customer Service" travel has to offer!

Bernadette hosting group in Egypt

Now, with the promise of future travels, CST, its team, our global family, and beloved travelers, our connections are stronger, and our resilience is more assuring as we return to the world we all love so much.

What our travelers are saying:

"We realized that you have truly been a blessing and mentor to us. Traveling as African-Americans with "Champion Services Travel" an African American-owned agency was just awesome!!!! We have learned and seen many cultures during our travels." -Anita Washington & Deidra Foreman

"Thank you Champion Services Travel, for your commitment to our cultural desires!" - Edwinta Ginyard

"They treat you like family and provide "champion" services where everyone is a winner. Not only do you get to enjoy the world when you travel with CST, but each trip is a learning experience with comfortable charter buses, knowledgeable and experienced tour guides, cultural exchanges, and the BEST travel agents this side of heaven. - Dr. Vicki Robinson