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Hold on to your hats; you're about to enjoy a whole new way to travel. One that will enhance your journey and help you create wonderfully unforgettable experiences of a lifetime. Whether you're an adventurer traveler, a heritage seeker, a gourmet guru, or a sports tourism buff, the soon to launch, NEW Green Book (NGB) For TRAVEL platform has something for you.

TheNGB will be the online guide that connects you to an exhilarating, fascinating, world where you will visit places you've always dreamed of, places you have never dreamed of, 

places you love to go, and places not many have gone before. 

The NGB is inspired by the legacy of the historic GREEN Book(s) published from 1936 - 1966 which provided information that made it possible for African Americans and other people of color to know the FREEDOM of TRAVEL. A privilege that many in this country consider to be one of those inalienable rights, as precious as "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."  

The NEW Green Book for TRAVEL allows you to explore destinations near and far, introducing you to the world's best food, coolest attractions, richest history, most unique culture, and totally captivating people. Following this guide, ALL travelers can enjoy the FREEDOM to CHOOSE engaging, inspiring and entertaining experiences that will expand their knowledge, open their eyes, and lift their spirits.


How about a visit to Mobile Alabama, home of the Clotilda, the last slave ship in the US, where descendants of the 

enslaved people who were aboard that ship still reside in an area known as "Africa Town"and carry on many of the traditions passed down from those ancestors.

Or, follow the extraordinary journeys of First Nation Indigenous people from the Amazon region in Brazil to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.
Celebrate an ancient traditional aboriginal tribal ceremony in the outback of the Australian rainforest.
Hear the authentic sounds of jazz Motown and gospel in New York City, Detroit, Michigan and historic Black places of worship throughout the southern US.

Honor the legacy of an internationally recognized heroine, Josephine Baker at the renown Pantheon in Paris, France.
Marvel at the amazing handcrafted works of native artisans in heritage sites from the exotic, enchanting Fiji Islands to the bustling markets of Marrakesh in Morocco.

Relive the life of a world renowns champion at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville Kentucky.
Regardless of why, how or where you travel, the NEW Green Book is the user-friendly guide for those of you seeking to 

add a deeper level of enjoyment and enrichment to your journeys, making each one, a joyful memory you will cherish for years to come.

Check out the NGB at www.newgreenbookfortravel; take the survey to enter a drawing to win a trip to Miami. Learn how you can be an amazing part of TRAVELING the NEW way.

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