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Industry Briefs

l-r Duane Cheers, Danita Claytor and Jumoke Jackson, owners of Everything Legendary


It’s going down right now. A change in how we eat. A demand for food with nutrition and mind-bending flavor.   Flavor that’s changing the game. Flavor that’s creating a legend. Flavor created by a seasoned chef, not a lab technician.


Those other plant-based burgers don’t even know what’s about to happen. We’re crafting food inspired by our original legend – mom.   Mom went plant-based for her health. But the burgers she was eating were junk. That’s not us. So, we stepped up. Creating plant-based food with flavor like no other. Making meals worthy of mom. Because if mom can’t eat it, no one should.


We are a black-owned company and proud of what we’ve created. Proud to be leading the way for everyone craving legendary flavor.   This flavor will get you. For real, it’s a whole other level of taste. Take a bite. There’s no turning back to that bland life.   This is the start. It’s going down. Join the flavor movement.   Fight to make Everything Legendary™. Because taste is everything.


If your hotel, convention center, restaurant or other foodservice organization wants to add healthier menu items while supporting a Black –owned business then contact Everything Legendary by reaching out to Vince Parker at or

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