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Industry Briefs

Destinations International and Longwoods International recently released the 3rd annual "National Resident Sentiment Towards Tourism" benchmark study. The report examines how Americans assess the tourism industry's growth-both its benefits to their lives as well as the potential pitfalls. The report can be downloaded at .

Global travel and tourism have been characterized in recent years by both healthy, even robust, rates of growth, coupled with stark declines brought about by concerns about health and safety during a global pandemic. Over this time the industry has begun to embrace the concept that the local resident is the industry's most important customer - a vital partner in the development and prosperity of the travel and tourism industry.


"This research is vitally important to our members and the entire U.S. tourism industry," said Don Welsh, President and CEO of Destinations International. "Especially during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the way Americans view the travel and tourism industry is vital information to our destination organization members as they continue to work with their community stakeholders to plan for continued recovery."

The 2020 report fielded the largest National Resident Sentiment Study conducted to date, utilizing a national online consumer research panel of 4,000 adults. The scale and scope of this study make insights available on the regional and generational level for the first time, allowing for both a national benchmark evaluation, as well as evaluations of nuances across the United States.

"This research confirms that there is broad public support for the tourism industry in communities across the country," said Amir Eylon, President and CEO of Longwoods International.  "But the study also makes clear that the industry would benefit if it did a better job keeping local residents informed on upcoming tourism-related projects and initiatives."  

In partnership with Destinations International, Longwoods is providing custom resident sentiment research for Destinations International members. These studies will allow cities, regions and states to understand local support for the tourism industry and how that support compares to the national norm. This type of information can be critical when developing a community outreach and advocacy effort.