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The Soul Food Museum was founded in 2003 by Chef Dr. Kenneth Willhoite, whose mission was to create a mobile monument dedicated to African-American contributions made to the culinary arts and hospitality industry.  The Soul Food Museum emanated from the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic District in Atlanta, Georgia.

In honor of 400 years of Black history in America, thanks to Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott, Congress recently passed U.S. House Bill H.R. 1242 - the 400 Years of African-American History Commission Act that publicly acknowledges this cultural celebration nationwide.  As part of this festivity and in honor of Black History Month, the Soul Food Museum kicked off its mobile tour across the United States beginning in February 2019, celebrating 400 years of building on the legacy of our ancestors and their arrival on the shores of America in 1619. 

The Soul Food Museum's 400 Year Celebration is traveling coast-to-coast to tour in communities displaying a culturally-packed exhibit featuring a wide selection of Black foods and beverages, manufacturers, memorabilia, collectibles, and relics like the cast iron stove.  This dynamic exhibit premiered the world's most magnificent giant cake!  This cake-of-all-cakes is a revolving replica that stands 21 feet tall and 10 feet wide, the first ever of its kind! This 400 Year Celebration Cake pays homage to the 50 million African Americans in the U.S.

A native of Oklahoma, at a young age Kenneth's life purpose came clear to him while having a conversation with God at 16; "God I don't want to see you, but I do want to hear you and I want to know what my destiny, my purpose and my mission is…I didn't have to pop out of my mama's belly, but I did and I'm here, so what am I supposed to do?  An inner voice spoke to him: "You are to document a people's history and my son, you are to cook good food and present it well and when given the opportunity, witness for me through the food."

Kenneth heeded that call and for the next 40 years he researched and documented the history of Black culture through food.  He went on to graduate from Howard University's Washington Saturday College and later earned a culinary degree from the Culinary School of Washington, D.C.  As Curator for the Soul Food Museum, Chef Willhoite is known as a Culinary Historian. 

Chef Willhoite is the author of 'Celebrating 400 Years of Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Agriculture; The Soul Food Museum Story,' a book dedicated to our Ancestors as he takes us on a journey from the coasts of West Africa to the hills and valleys of America documenting the cultural history and origin of food, beverages and inventions created by Africans in America. He co-authored 'America's Soul Food Museum' with author and illustrator, A. J. Jones, a 40-page Black History Coloring Book that documents the Soul Food Museum's historic legacy, created as an educational keepsake dedicated to children.

Meet and greet the crowned World King and Queen of Soul Food.  You are invited to host the Soul Food Museum as a featured exhibit to be a part of your city, town, church, school or organization's upcoming conference, seminar, festival, family reunion or parade.  This is an excellent addition to any City who would benefit greatly from this educational culinary experience!  Highlights of this amazing mobile exhibit feature a book signing, profile of African-American chefs, cooks and restaurants, culinary inventions and patents, agricultural contributions, business etiquette classes and an acknowledgement of First Lady Michelle Obama's White House Community Garden.  Chef Willhoite also incorporates The Evolution of Healthy Soul Food, a cooking demonstration where guests can sample healthy cultural dishesBecause we are what we eat, The Soul Food Museum promotes healthy initiatives addressing the challenges of obesity, diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS.

The Soul Food Museum would like to visit your city, town or state and celebrate 400 years with the community. This tour is infused with the Soul Food Museum's 17th Annual Awards Celebration where Chef Willhoite presents up to 5-foot tall trophies and awards to the community in each city for their service in the hospitality and culinary industry.  Chef Willhoite created the National African American Culinary Arts & Hospitality Association (NAACHA) which birthed The Soul Food Museum.  Schedule your tour for 2019. The Soul Food Museum is a 501 C-3.

For Further Details Contact Chef Dr. Kenneth Willhoite at (678) 508-9478 and or visit

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