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Industry Briefs

This year is swiftly coming to an end. I am pleased to announce, even with 2 months left, we have reached our goal of increasing our membership over 25% of last year. As you look back over the last 10 months, hopefully you can see that the goals you set for yourself have been accomplished. Some items you may have removed from your list to do at a later time. (However, there are some things you may still like to get done before 2019. I heard someone say, "In order to get things accomplished, you must focus. So, for the next 60 days, focus on the one item you would like to achieve, I am sure you will be successful. Let's all finish this year with a bang!

TPOC 17th Annual Conference and Trade Show - Our 2019 conference is fast approaching. The conference dates are May 16 - 19, and of course the venue is the luxurious Guest House at Graceland located in Memphis, TN. The conference rate for 2019 is $299.00 for members; $349.00 for non-members and for travel partners, $399.00. The conference rate includes: The pre-conference cultural tour (May 15th), general sessions, educational workshops, trade show, welcome reception, closing gala and some meals. So, do not procrastinate, get your registration in early. Space is limited for the cultural tour, which is sponsored by the Memphis Tourism Board, and available on a first come, first served basis. Remember this tour will convene on Wednesday, May 15th, starting at 1:00 p.m. You do not want to miss out on this great event.

I can know announce some of the great speakers who will be joining us at next year's conference: Renowned Genealogist, Dr. Ruth Hunt will explain how to trace your family's history as well as trace the history and heritage of various destinations. Also joining us is Dr. Jan Roy PhD, CMP, CTA comes to us with a wealth of knowledge! She will facilitate a workshop on the role and obligations of a professional event planner and the techniques and processes used to design and execute a variety of family and work-related social activities, based on client needs and input. A major part of any business is to know how to budget and keep your finances in order. Facilitating a workshop on business finance is none other than our own Dr. Janice Carter-Steward, PhD, MBA.

Make sure you reserve your hotel accommodation soon, there are limited rooms available at the conference rate, this rate will expire on April 1st (nightly rate of $139.00). You can now reserve your hotel accommodation on our website.

MIRACLE GLOBE - As the year comes to an end and you are in search of an organization to make donations as a tax write-off, please remember the TPOC Miracle Globe. Whatever you give to such a worthy cause will be greatly appreciated and your donation is tax deductible. You can go to the website to make your donation, or you may mail your gift to the following address: TPOC Miracle Globe, 5710 Ogeechee Rd., Ste. 200-260, Savannah, GA. 31405.

Calling all TPOC Artists! Remember, next year we will feature an art show, showcasing original artwork created by TPOC artists. What an excellent opportunity to share your talent with the TPOC family. Paintings, Drawings, Photographs and other flat-surface creations. You may even choose to offer your items for purchase.

Artists interested in displaying your ready-to-hang masterpieces should contact Colin Jones for more information at or by calling (720) 205-6759.

TPOC'S FRIENDS AND FAMILY TOUR - This tour Has been created to allow our family and friends, who accompany us to the conference, see some of the best attractions Memphis has to offer. The itinerary for the tour will be shown on our website shortly. The cost for anyone joining us for the four-day event is $349.00 per person, which does not include hotel accommodations.

CTA Classes - Don't be left out! Join the vast number of travel professionals with the CTA (Certified Travel Associate) designation. The CTA is the leading educational curriculum designed to help refresh and enhance consultative skills. (Good to know: a just released research study reports those who are certified through The Travel Institute make more money than those without the credentials.) The CTA program has been totally overhauled and TPOC is offering a great savings for CTA materials and the test itself. Contact Yvonne Brooks, our Director of Education, if you are interested. She can be reached at

Membership Renewal - This is just a friendly reminder to those who's memberships will expire December 31, to submit your $59.00 renewal. You can renew your membership online or mail your payment to: TPOC, 5710 Ogeechee Rd. Suite 200-260, Savannah, GA 31405. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (720) 350-6231 or 1 (866) 901-1259.

Last but not least! Our website is keep everyone informed on what's going on with the association, please visit our website regularly, as well as our Facebook page. We need you to like and follow us on Facebook. If you have any travel related news you would like to share on our Facebook page, please do so. Contact Beverly Bentley at