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Black People Must Accelerate Change Within Our Communities

"We have been disproportionately impacted by the 'Great Recession.' Unemployment in Black America is still double of White America and the wealth gap between the two Americas is wider than it's ever been in a generation. We are going backwards, and unless we accelerate and build a new model for change we will fall further and further behind," says best-selling author George C. Fraser, chairman/CEO of FraserNet, Inc.

With job recovery very slow and the wealth gap widening, will Black people finally start learning to think? Fraser, founder and producer of the annual national Power Networking Conference (PNC) says, "Most definitely", and plans to prove it once again in Prince George's County, Maryland at Black America's largest networking and training conference. The conference will be held at The Gaylord Hotel on the National Harbor, May 26-28 th. A special series of Pre-Conference Workshops will be held on Wednesday, May 25 th.  

PNC started in 2002 from FraserNet's hometown of Cleveland, OH.  The conference moved to Atlanta, GA in 2006 and to Dallas, TX in 2012 and is now in the Greater Washington, D.C. area.  Over 50,000 people have attended.  When asked why the move to Prince George's County? Fraser replied, "Prince George's County is one of Black America's richest counties, a great urban center and a global destination".

The PNC features some of Black America's top experts, coaches and thought leaders on every topic ranging from Business, Technology, Wealth, Wellness, Sales and Advertising; to Branding and Marketing.

The 2016 PowerNetworking Conference is entitled, "Accelerate: A New Model for Change" and will feature Dr. Fraser along with Les Brown, John Hope Bryant, Kenny Gamble, Charles Ogletree, Susan Taylor, Iyanla Vanzant, Dr. Randal Pinkett (winner of "The Apprentice"), and dozens of top trainers and coaches from around the world.

People have traveled from all over the country and around the world to gain crucial knowledge, including how to better network for success. Previously, PNC has featured T.D. Jakes, 'Magic' Johnson, Tavis Smiley, Dennis Kimbro, Julianne Malveaux, Steve Harvey, Cornell West and many more.

Forbes Magazine named it, "One of the Top 5 Conferences Not to Be Missed." Why PNC?  "I continue to believe most successful people want to learn the skills and make the right contacts to grow and prosper... thus we must network and continually invest in personal growth and development.  We must invest the time necessary to cultivate new relationships at work, at home and in the community.  Your network will determine your net worth," says Fraser.  "In the final analysis we must learn, earn and return."

For information and registration, call (310) 498-3783.