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Statement, Ron Busby, Sr., President, U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. On Trade Expansion
As the President of the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc., the "National Voice of Black Business", I am in full support of the Obama Administration's push for trade expansion, especially the current negotiations with Asia and Europe. These agreements will not only create more opportunity for Black businesses to grow to scale but will allow for the entire American business community to be more competitive in the global economy. The U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. is committed to making Black businesses aware of these upcoming opportunities, and we have dedicated a session of our annual conference to exporting. I charge Congress to enact Trade Promotion Authority and support the administration's proposed free trade agreements. This support and collaboration with chamber leadership, and the business community will allow us to rejuvenate the American economy and move forward as a nation.

About the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.

USBC is an association of over 118 self-sustaining, viable Black Chambers and small business associations nationwide whose collaboration with strategic partners increases our capacity to serve. We serve our members through our 5 pillars of service, Advocacy, Access to Capital, Contracting, Entrepreneurial Training, and Chamber Development. Through the creation of resources and initiatives, we support African American Chambers of Commerce and business organizations in their work of developing and growing Black enterprises. For more information about the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc., please visit their website at

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