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National Black Caucus Of State Legislators Ratifies Resolution Calling On Google, Facebook, Others To Increase Diversity In Employment

On December 12, the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL) ratified a resolution titled "Supporting the Diversification of Tech Industry's Empowerment" which calls on tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and others to diversify their workforces through more robust outreach to minority communities. The resolution was sponsored by Reps. Gilda Cobb-Hunter (SC), John King (SC), Carl Anderson (SC), Joe Armstrong (TN), Alan Williams (FL), Geraldine Thompson (FL ), Laura V. Hall (AL), and Floyd McKissick (NC).

"When Google and Facebook released their dismal diversity statistics of their workforce earlier this year, it became clear that the lack of diversity in the technology firms was not just a trend, it is a reality," Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter of South Carolina stated. "This resolution is an opportunity to identify both the problem and potential solutions to this pressing issue."

Technology jobs are among the highest paying and fastest growing in the country. They also offer the opportunity to be on the forefront of major innovations. If minorities cannot contribute to this phenomenon, they will never be able to reap its full benefits.

"Through partnerships with Black, Hispanic, and women's organizations, tech companies like Google and Facebook can make inroads into a community they have too long neglected," Rep. Cobb-Hunter continued. "Minorities are avid users of technology, but for too long have been omitted from the creative process."

NBCSL hopes to be at the forefront of bringing minority workers and technology companies together into a mutually beneficial partnership. Tackling this problem is one of many daunting challenges facing Silicon Valley and through resolutions like these, the NBCSL hopes to raise awareness and take concrete steps in increasing minority representation in the tech industry. For more information:

About The MinorityEye's "Campaign for Equality in Technology": 

The campaign for Equality in Technology seeks to raise awareness of the startling minority employment gap in the US technology sector. Equality in Technology is asking that industry leaders in technology enact reasonable accommodations to remove employment barriers faced by members of the three designated minority groups, women, African Americans and Hispanics. Employers are also asked to institute positive policies for the hiring, training, retention, and promotion of members of these marginalized groups.
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