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British Virgin Islands Tourism Board Launches "Keep It To Yourself" Camapign

The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board (BVITB) is proudly announcing the British Virgin Islands' (BVI) newest advertising campaign. Building on the destination's existing tagline, "Nature's Little Secrets," the BVI is providing consumers with a deeper look into what makes this traveler's paradise a secret worth discovering!

The inspiration behind the campaign was developed after a very thorough and strategic process which included market research to identify the destination's strengths, competitive set and an understanding of the destination through perceptions of past, current and potential visitors. The research determined that the new branding campaign must speak to independent-minded, well-traveled individuals seeking unique experiences. As a result, the "Keep It To Yourself" campaign was formed, emphasizing the destination's diverse offerings while fostering a personal sense of discovery amongst consumer audiences. The campaign was also tested with various focus groups including the trade community, industry stakeholders, repeat and potential visitors.

"By focusing our new ad creative on traveler's abilities to identify personal experiences as rewarding moments, we were able to create a campaign that showcases our stunning destination and its distinctive offerings while portraying the true personality of the BVI - a place where travelers come to see, not be seen," said the BVITB's Director of Tourism, Sharon Flax-Mars. "The "Keep It To Yourself" campaign is an extension of our "Nature's Little Secrets" message and focuses on relating destination differentiators to existing and potential travelers," stated Flax-Mars.

Featuring enticing imagery and short videos of various locations in the islands, the advertising campaign highlights not only more well-known attractions and experiences, but also tempts travelers to discover or make their own memorable moments with family and friends in the British Virgin Islands.