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The honorable Juanita Walton Weds Business And Hospitality Icon, Roy Jay At A Made For TV Ceremony

Former Missouri State legislator, Juanita Walton and Portland, Oregon business enterpreneur Roy Jay exchanged vows on May 23 rd in a private, unpublicized ceremony at the exclusive University Club.

Only a few hundred people were able to get an invitation to the nuptials. Among people in attendance included a US Senators, law enforcement officials, business partners, elected officials from Oregon and Missouri and select family and friends.

"They really kept it (the wedding) off the radar says L.G. Harvey a close friend of Roy Jay. "If everyone knew in advance, it would have filled a big arena because they both have so many friends." Instead, they kept it very small and personal.

The  entire ceremony was a show stopper, tear jerking and full of laughter. "This should have been broadcast on television", says Harvey.  As Dr. W.G. Hardy Jr. of Highland Christian Center told audience to stand as the bride entered, people were anxiously waiting to hear the "here comes the bride" wedding song.. instead gears switched into an event that even Tyler Perry would have been proud to attend.  As Juanita Walton was escorted in by her son Jonathan, the audience heard Percy Sledge's "When A Man Loves A Woman" in the backround. It seemed to set the tone for the entire evening.


Right before the the exchanging of the vows, the audience heard "Here and Now" being sung from the back of the room and began to get louder as the singer approached the couple. Some women in the audience were about to faint as they heard San Diego native, Roosevelt Carter belt out the soulful song making many people think that Luther had came back from the grave.  Carter, a professional singer, is the husband of San Diego hospitality and convention expert, Clara Carter and close friends of Roy and Juanita.

Walton and Jay met over six years ago as he was on a speaking tour. Walton served in the Missouri legislature for two consecutive terms and made a name and reputation on the national level as president of the National Foundation For Women Legislators based in Washington DC.   She holds a masters degree in communications. 

She moved to Portland where she reinvented herself, became a business enterpreneur like her husband and serves as consultant in political, business and hospitality arenas just to name a few.

Breaking News:  10 Days after their wedding, Juanita was diagnoised with breast cancer. "We are confident that the medical team can address this at hopefully an early stage. At press time, Ms. Walton was scheduled to start chemotherapy treatments within a couple of weeks.  "God is our pilot and Savior".  With the advancement of modern medicine and best female specialist in Oregon, I know that Juanita is in good care, says Jay.