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OHSU Switches Parking Vendors From Star Park To SP Plus / Roy Jay Partnerships

Portland business entrepreneur, Roy Jay describes the recent event surrounding the multimillion dollar parking contract for OHSU similar to being the first runner up in a Miss America Pageant.  In 2013, Jay and SP Plus competed with other local and national parking management companies for the lucrative parking management at Oregon Health Sciences University.  The joint venture team of SP Plus and Jay's operations came in first runner up with the contract being awarded to a local vendor, Star Park, which was a former business partner of Jay.

"You win some, you lose some" says Jay. That's the way it goes in the world of business.  "We knew that we had a very good and impressive proposal but Star Park was chosen over us." SP PLUS and Jay currently successfully manage the City of Portland's Smart Park Garage portfolio generating millions for the city each year.

SP Plus is the largest parking management company in North America (see SPPLUS.COM)

Within a few short months of the contract being awarded to Star Park, SP Plus and Jay received a notice from OHSU indicating that they (OHSU) might be interested in switching operators.  A new long-term contract was initiated and executed with keys being turned over to SP Plus management staff, which took over in January of this year.