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Marketing Communications' First Minority-Owned Holding Company Created To Transform The Industry

Industry trailblazers, Al Garcia-Serra, chairman/co-founder, MGCCOMM; Ahmad Islam, co-founder/managing partner, commonground; Manuel E. Machado, ceo/co-founder, MGSCOMM; Manny Vidal, president/CEO, The Vidal Partnership; and Sherman Wright, co-founder/managing partner, commonground - announced recently the formation of the industry's first wholly minority-owned holding company, phase one of a multi-phase rollout. This unique model, a holding company without walls, leverages each of their expertise in multicultural and millennial consumer groups to help client partners meet marketing and business objectives. 

Commonground/MGS operates in a world where America is approaching a watershed moment; the tipping point when multicultural is the new mainstream. This new company believes businesses need to focus and invest financially and intellectually to win in this new marketplace where multicultural insights lead general market strategies for growth, innovation, sustainability and a competitive advantage; opening up a world of opportunities for clients who are ready to look at the US with new appreciation. 

"We all realize successfully connecting with diverse audiences and the ability to provide cohesive total market solutions is more than a 'nice to do' - it has become a critical component of any successful organization's strategic imperatives," said Islam. "Our vision is to create a unique company that lives at the intersection where culture, content, technology and creativity meet." 

"While many companies are well intentioned, they need a partner and guiding light when it comes to understanding the importance and impact of culture and diversity to the bottom-line," added Machado.  "Moreover, with millennials being the most diverse, evasive and critical consumer group - understanding cultural context is a must. We believe Commonground/MGS provides solutions to these challenges."

Commonground/MGS - with full service offices in New York, Miami, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles - brings together a diverse array of nearly 300 passionate marketers who truly understand the new marketplace, which leads to the development of strategies and ideas that drive client business growth. The new entity maintains 100% minority ownership and management, with projected net revenues of $50 million. 

This new entity brings market expertise, industry reputation, award-winning creative and innovations. With these resources, Commonground/MGS is poised to not only be at the forefront of the new marketplace conversation, but do something transformational in the space while bringing new solutions to an industry-wide problem.   The new entity includes:  Commonground, MGSCOMM, The Vidal Partnership, Cunningham Group, SWAY Public Relations, CG Works, Post Master, and Run Wild Productions

"At the end of the day, we are all entrepreneurs who have seen steady growth in arguably some of the most tumultuous times the industry has seen, because we aren't afraid to evolve. When we look to where the opportunities for growth are, our business model is in stride with what's happening today and what's coming tomorrow for both clients and talent," said Wright. 

"We will continue to invest in the next phase of incremental growth for Commonground/MGS to morph into a total market super power. We will seek to acquire companies and talent driven by an entrepreneurial spirit that, like us, want to dominate this new consumer space," added Garcia-Serra.