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PR Firm Launches Speakers Bureau

Marketplace Excellence (MPE)
, a full-service public relations, marketing and media firm, has launched a new speakers bureau, promoting world class professional and motivational speakers for conferences, corporate retreats, graduations, seminars and special events.

MPEPresident Bevan Springer, an award-winning communicator, broadcaster and public relations specialist, announced the launch of the initiative recently with seven members of the bureau of speakers from the United States and the Caribbean.

The speakers bureau includes former Bahamas finance minister and economist Zhivargo Laing, whose blending of a successful private sector career with his experience guiding the economy of a thriving Caribbean nation, offers audiences a distinctive take on economics, effective leadership and productive youth development.


Allen Chastanet
is a highly sought-after keynote speaker for his dynamic and innovative approaches to marketing, travel, tourism and aviation. Chastanet, a former St. Lucia minister of tourism and civil aviation, is recognized for his special skills far beyond the Caribbean.

Professor Gail Moaney, APR, managing partner of Finn Partners, the powerhouse New York public relations firm, brings to the speakers bureau her skills as a highly respected authority on travel and economic development. Moaney, lauded by her peers for her guidance of heads of state, cabinet ministers and government agencies, is also a professor of PR at New York University.

Dr. Basil Springer
is an entrepreneurial development guru and a much sought-after Caribbean management and change-engine consultant. His groundbreaking innovations in the identification and training of entrepreneurs have drawn international acclaim. Development entrepreneur Lelei LeLaulu is an adviser to the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation and George Washington University on sustainable tourism development, communications, and small island developing states.

Ian Williams
trains United Nations officials and company executives on media relations. He writes columns and blogs for several US and European outlets. Noted for his light, often irreverent touch, Williams is the author of several books, most recently on the history of rum and is completing another on tequila. He speaks on the United Nations and global affairs, history and tourism, George Orwell's significance as well as on rum and tequila and their histories.

Bevan Springer, himself a noted speaker, said MPE recognizes the rapidly changing business landscape is "hungry for new ideas so we want to ensure the speakers we attract are those who can entertain, as well as educate, the emerging leadership and add value to the marketplace."

Springer, co-founder of the Caribbean Media Exchange, asserted MPE speakers "generate a lot of thought, interest and are making a difference." For bookings, or more information on the bureau, please contact Greta Andzenge at