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LVCVA Partners With NDA To Attract Business
The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) is partnering with the Nevada (NDA) to focus on attracting more business to Southern Nevada. "Las Vegas is once again breaking new ground in partnering our convention and tourism industry with our economic development industry to help the local economy,” said Rossi Ralenkotter, president/CEO of the LVCVA. “The tourism industry already provides hundreds of millions of dollars to the community through the visitor-paid room tax, and this is another way for us to help bring business here.”

The partnership will provide the NDA with permanent booth space in the Las Vegas Convention Center to promote the advantages of moving a business to Las Vegas. The group charged with attracting new business headquarters to Southern Nevada will have an audience with the more than 1.5 million business travelers who visit the convention center every year. The NDA will also have the opportunity to partner with the LVCVA on corporate marketing efforts and events.

“The amount of commerce and the level of businesses represented at the conventions held there represent a tremendous opportunity for us,” said Somer Hollingsworth, president & CEO of the NDA. “We are thrilled to have the chance to reach out to the audience at the convention center.” The Las Vegas Convention Center is one of the busiest facilities in the country with the major trade functions for several industries taking place there every year.
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