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"Must-Dos" To Maintain Your Wellness While Traveling
Beverly E. Coleman, MPH, L.A.C.
After working in the forefront of alternative healing and wellness promotion for over 40 years, I am one of the nation’s leaders in wellness and self-care. You can count on the following information being fascinating and practical. It’s what they never taught us in school and now, most of those who want to stay well don’t know how. Thanks to BM&T you will now be introduced to several easy self-care concepts and strategies that will serve your health as you travel and go about living your daily life .

When someone with a cold or flu comes in contact with uninfected travelers, some of the travelers “catch” the cold/flu while others do not? So, let me ask you: Which travelers are more likely to “catch” the “carrier’s” cold/flu? The answer to this question depends on their genes, how their parents raised them, their present lifestyle and how well nourished and healthy they are at the time of exposure.

Our first defense is our genetic make up. If our grandparents and parents have lived long and disease free lives, chances are we too have an internal defense system that is not easily overcome by disease. This can be compared to our having a healthy savings account or other assets to draw on during hardship times. If our mothers ate healthy, avoided smoking, drinking alcohol, using recreational drugs while we were being formed in the womb, even more reserves went into our gene bank to draw upon for protection when challenged by harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc. However, if we have not inherited some of these strong defense factors, and we find that we are frequently the victim of colds/flu, all is not lost. We can substitute some (not all) of these missing factors with the following two herbal tonics:
  • • 1-2 teaspoon(s) daily of pure Chlorella (an algae) powder in juice or a smoothie. Recent research indicates that Chlorella has a constituent that may help the body produce its own stem cells, which are the body’s “master cells” from which all other cells and cellular functions are created.
  • • A Chinese herb called He Show Wu. This herb is a highly respected, rejuvenative and safe tonic for restoring the body to its natural vitality. It can be purchased at all Chinese herb stores either in bulk or as a liquid extract. Two or three pieces of the bulk herbs can be steeped in boiling hot water and taken daily for one month. In its liquid extract form, take 1 to 2 oz daily preferably at bedtime. It can also be purchased at Western herb and healthfood stores in capsules where it is known as FoTi. Take 3 capsules daily at bedtime.
Using each of the above herbs as directed for 30 days every other month for one year can help you strengthen ALL of your internal systems and optimize your genetic potential as you simultaneously live a healthy lifestyle.

Even those with strong genetic reserves and healthy lifestyles can experience health challenges under the rigors of traveling and countless exposures to the colds/flu and other infections. Children and seniors are especially susceptible to bacterial and viral attacks because the resistance and immunity children are still developing and that of seniors is beginning to slow down and weaken.  Traveling in crowded airplanes or buses and sharing a common recycled air supply with travelers who may be carriers of colds/flu is especially challenging to the health of children and seniors. However, illness can often be prevented by taking the following 3 herbs as directed 30 days before and after traveling. They can also help protect school children, their teachers and parents from the cold/flu “bugs” that are rampant in schools.
  • 1 teaspoon Chlorella powder (see above description) daily in juice or smoothie.
  • 1 teaspoon dried Elderberries steeped in a cup of hot water every morning. Elderberries are one of the most popular, effective and safe herbs for helping the body build defenses against bacteria and viruses that enter the body through the nose and lungs. This herb also supports immune functions.
  • 2 capsules of Eleuthero Eleuthero (also called Eleutherococcus senticosus) at bedtime. Eleuthero is a complete body tonic much like Ginseng. However, Eleuthero is safe for those taking high blood pressure medication and more effective in building the body’s defense system.
There is no single herb or supplement that will single-handedly prevent illness. However I have received many reports that these easy self-care travel preparations when accompanied by a healthy lifestyle* have helped many travelers feel energized and less susceptible to colds/flu. If you decide to add these preparations to your “Must-Do’s” and don’t mind sharing your results, I would welcome hearing from you at Happy, healthy traveling!

About Beverly Coleman:
Educator, author of the "Safe Use of Herbs" and the “Coleman Wellness Self-Test,” Coleman holds a Masters in Public Health from UCLA and a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Wellness Consultant and is Founder/Director of Beverly Coleman's Wellness Services in Sedona, AZ, helping people help themselves become and stay well.

Coleman holds “Phenomenal Women’s Wellness Retreats” in Sedona and invites you to visit her website and take her free, fully automated Wellness Self-Test to evaluate the health of your lifestyle.

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