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Black Lives Matter Campaign Launched Next Steps!

The United States of America has marked yet another embarrassing moment in its history books. As the world has closely watched countless African-Americans endure unfair treatment and sadly in some cases, murder.

With history recording that on November 24 ‒ Police officer, Darren Wilson, would not be indicted for the shooting death of Michael Brown, and on December 3 a grand jury would decline to indict NYPDs Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner. Even with video footage as evidence.

These events, and countless others, are blatant evidence that the criminal justice system is not only biased but also broken. There is also clear evidence that racial profiling, police brutality and unjustified police killings of Blacks are at a disproportionate rate in comparison to other races. The Black male is irrefutably endangered, and for many of us, these actions indicate that their lives simply don't matter.

"While we are grateful for President Obama's decision to appoint United States Attorney General Eric Holder to oversee and investigate reports of police brutality across the country, we cannot sit idly by waiting." "Black lives do matter!" said Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant.

The Empowerment Movement along with the AME Church, AME Zion, CME, Progressive Baptist, Black Presbyterians, COGIC, Full Gospel Baptist Church, PAW, College of Bishops, Church of God In Christ, Global United Fellowship all agree that the justice system is tainted and does not work on behalf of Blacks in America.

On Black Lives Matter Sunday, The Empowering Movement asked and called on every faith organization, every youth movement, every nationality, every bishop, presiding elder, pastor and congregant to post this notice in every blog, email list, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media account they subscribe to encourage everyone to, onSunday, December 14 participate in "Black Lives Matter Sunday Initiative" (#blacklivesmatter).

On that day, every participant was asked to wear black in solidarity of the few named and hundreds of unnamed African-Americans who have been brutally murdered by police, and commit to do the following:

Supporting churches were asked to immediately formulate a Black Lawyers Online Directory of criminal attorneys who are interested in giving a few hours of advice each week pro bono.

Other requests made in December included:

On Christmas refrain from purchasing a Christmas tree. Many families who have lost loved ones as a result of police brutality will not be celebrating Christmas. This Christmas, in solidarity of their loved ones who will be absent do NOT purchase a Christmas tree

Refrain from the purchase of tobacco products December 22-26. Victims Michael Brown and Eric Garner's deaths were allegedly sparked by issues related to tobacco products. Mike Brown with cigars in the case of Eric Garner, loosies - for one week do Not purchase any Tabaco products

Make a donation (any amount) to the HBCU of your choice

Black Friday there was an 11% drop in profits. Continue to support Black-owned businesses with your holiday purchases

In January, the Empowerment Movement reconvened with the coalition of Black church's to discuss collective strategies related to: community policing, voter registration, reducing crime against Black males and the development of a state-by-state directory of Black lawyers.

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Dr. Bryant is a pastor with a global mission, noted as having the fastest growing church in the A.ME. denomination. This new millennium minister is also an impassioned social activist, community developer, and cultural philanthropist. Dr. Bryant is also the President of the Empowerment Movement.
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