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Bl;ack Entrepreneur And Author Challanges The View Of Black Male Crisis In America

Author of "Black Men Rock," Defends: "Men Are Not The Problem!"

Coach Michael Taylor, author of Black Men Rock , and founder of the Black Men Rock website, proves in his book and website that African-American men can lead extraordinary lives. "Are men the real problem? My contention is that the answer is an emphatic NO!"

"I do not believe there is such a thing as a black male crisis in America," Taylor said. "I'm well aware of all the challenges facing black men in America, but at the same time it is my belief and contention that every black male is capable of living an extraordinary life. The question becomes how many of us are willing to embrace this opportunity."

Taylor points to racism and discrimination, an unfair justice system, racial profiling and biased media coverage as some of the challenges facing black men in America. However, he noted that an increasing number of black males are rising above these challenges to find success.

"I believe black men are positioned to experience unprecedented levels of success in America." He went on to explain that it is his fervent belief that black men are not the problem; the problem is that all men are trapped in an antiquated paradigm of masculinity which contributes to most negative male behavior. By understanding the paradigm we can then get to the "cause" of negative male behavior instead of only dealing with the effects of that behavior.

Coach Michael Taylor is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, radio and TV show host who empowers men to live extraordinary lives. "I'm living proof of what's possible for black men. I overcame being a high school dropout, divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure and depression to now be living a rewarding and fulfilling life," he said.

The motivational speaker outlined five key steps to guide black males on a path to success. These include rejecting negative stereotypes and making a personal investment in developing knowledge and potential through books, seminars and educational programs. He also threw out a challenge for them to seek out the unlimited opportunities that exist for those willing to put forth the effort.

Taylor is also encouraging black men to prioritize relationships, and to disconnect from negative media, focusing instead on inspiring books or educational programming.

He has launched a revolutionary new website, Black Men Rock website, that is an online community specifically designed to address the unique psychological and emotional make up of black men.

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