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Newport News, Virginia's Tourism Industry Offers Aid To Haiti
Many communities and families stepped up to help Haiti after the January earthquake devastated the country. Newport News, Virginia was no exception. The members of the Newport News Hospitality Association (NNHA) donated a variety of goods from their own hotels to help out the people of Haiti.

Several families gathered the materials donated by the NNHA and worked to create care packages that were distributed to the people in need. Hundreds of bags were filled with numerous items that included: soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs and diapers. The bags were then given to family members in the military who were deploying to the Haiti area to help with the relief efforts. Due to the huge need, many of the Haitian families would row out to the ships offshore offering aid to get the supplies donated to them.

“With so many in need of so much during this time, I was so pleased we were able to contribute and help in any way that we could. I am so proud of our hotels for banding together and giving from their own supplies in such a selfless manner and just hope that the items can be of good use to the people of Haiti who are in need. It is so important for us to come together as a community to help those we can,” said Maureen Coon, president of the NNHA.

The Newport News Hospitality Association is a membership organization of Newport News attractions, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality industry-related businesses. For more information on Newport News and its generous hotels, as well as attractions and meeting venues, and the NNHA, contact Cheryl Morales, marketing manager for the Newport News Tourism Development Office at (757) 926-1428, toll free at (888) 493-7386 or e-mail at You can also visit online at
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