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Greening of Hospitality Industry
New Trend: Major Tradeshows Go Eco-Friendly With Name Badges Without Plastic Holders

To be more eco-friendly, a major tradeshow with more than 20,000 attendees recently issued name badges without plastic holders. This eco-friendly trend in tradeshow name badges was initiated several years ago by Green Organizations like GMIC Sustainable Meetings and Green Festivals. Typically biodegradable plastic holders and lanyards have been used at their shows. Tradeshow attendees generally discard their plastic badges after the show and collection attempts usually produce poor results.

This trend follows similar name badge designs provided by Badgetec’s recyclable cardstock and polyester badges introduced several years ago. These one-part 3x4” name badges have a slot for attaching a clip or lanyard. Historically, the use of clear plastic badge holders was begun in the 1940 long before laser/thermal printers were available for printing badge inserts. At that time, all name badges used plastic holders with pins, and the inserts were printed on typewriters.

With the Badgetec standard 8.5x11” diecut sheets made of cardstock or white polyester, the badge material is sufficiently rigid for a slot to be punched at the top for attaching a clip and lanyard. In addition, these standard size sheets can be printed using Microsoft Word (AVERY®) templates. One simply separates the badges from the sheet and issues them to the attendee.

To compliment the recyclable badges, Badgetec developed a new recyclable/reusable polypropylene clip – the Contour Clip®. The Contour Clip® fastens through the slot in the badge and slides over the edge of one’s garments like a ‘paperclip’. These new clips are clothing-safe and child-safe. Fear of clothing damage from adhesives & pins has been the #1 complaint of businesspeople who are required to wear badges.

BADGETEC was established in 2010. Headquartered in New York, Badgetec is a socially and environmentally responsible developer and manufacturer of eco-friendly products, providing recyclable and/or reusable cost-effective products, appropriate for their purpose while maintaining professional quality. All products are made in the USA. For more information and inquiries, visit:, email, phone (877) 403-7797, fax (845) 425-8783, or write Badgetec Corporation, PO Box 1764, New City NY 10956.
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