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Greening of Hospitality Industry
Kimpton's Hotel Monaco Denver Becomes Denver's First Green Seal Certified Hotel

As part of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ national pursuit of collection-wide Green Seal Certification, Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco Denver is proud to announce it has achieved Denver’s first Silver Green Seal Certification, and is only the third in Colorado to have achieved this certification. Kimpton’s Sky Hotel in Aspen received its certification in May. Green Seal certification is an important third-party validation of the Hotel Monaco’s more than 80 environmentally responsible operational practices under the company’s EarthCare program, and allows the Hotel Monaco to more effectively measure its reductions in waste, energy and water consumption.

To qualify for GS-33 Green Seal certification, a hotel must demonstrate sustainable practices in the following areas:
  • Waste minimization, reuse and recycling
  • Energy efficiency, conservation and management
  • Management of fresh water resources
  • Waste water management
  • Hazardous substances
  • Environmentally sensitive purchasing
Certification requires an initial evaluation by Green Seal, including an extensive on-site audit of the property, and annual monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance. The Green Seal standard recognizes comprehensive environmental leadership in operations. “We congratulate the Hotel Monaco Denver on committing to such an ambitious goal,” said Greenprint Denver Executive Director Michele Weingarden. “Their commitment, as a company and individually as employees, demonstrates how the Hotel Monaco is truly a leader in Denver’s lodging community.”

Launched in 2005 by Mayor John Hickenlooper, Greenprint Denver is an action agenda for sustainable development for the City and County of Denver. Greenprint Denver’s guiding principles are based on communicating sustainability as a public value and expanding the concept of the city as a steward of public resources. Additionally, the initiative supports sustainability as a core business value and promotes improving efficiencies in resource use, while reducing environmental impact. Since it was first published in 1999, the Green Seal Environmental Standard for Lodging Properties, GS-33, has represented leadership in the industry. The standard focuses on waste minimization, energy conservation and management, management of fresh water resources, waste water management, pollution prevention, and organizational commitment such as environmentally sensitive purchasing.

Kimpton’s innovative EarthCare initiative dates back to the company’s inception in 1981 and includes several industry firsts such as in-room recycling bins and the use of non-toxic cleaners brand-wide. Kimpton is also a partner of Trust for Public Land and The Nature Conservancy. Upon final inspection of each hotel in Kimpton’s portfolio and approval by Green Seal’s certification team, Kimpton will become the first lifestyle boutique hotel company – with properties in 22 urban locations in the US – to attain 100 percent Green Seal certification at the silver level of all open and established hotels. To date, 40 of Kimpton’s 55 hotels been awarded Green Seal certification.

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