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Facilities Update
Sundance Celebrates The Opening Of Its Redford Conference Center With A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony September 16th

Sundance Resort
officially opened its new Redford Conference Center with a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 16. The new Redford Conference Center is the latest fulfillment of Robert Redford’s vision for this special place: a place that integrates artistic expression, environmental responsibility and successful commerce, a place for personal and social transformation.  The environmentally friendly building provides nearly 3,500 sq. ft. of meeting space featuring reception areas that wrap the building and transition the outdoors with the interiors, a large fireplace, and design elements that are consistent with the Sundance style of rustic elegance and offer all the amenities and comforts that are desired by both meeting and social event planners. The opening of the Redford Conference Center is coincidental to the final stages of a multi-million dollar lodging room renovation that will make the resort even more desirable for retreats, conferences and weddings.

“This conference center will foster more people into collaborative ventures, more new ideas to flow, and more creativity to thrive on the mountain, all without overwhelming the natural space it inhabits,” said Sundance founder Robert Redford. “I couldn’t be happier about its completion or more excited about what the future will bring here at the Redford Conference Center.” Set amidst a grove of spruce and pine, nestled beside a wandering mountain stream with Mt. Timpanogos soaring above it, the Redford Conference Center offers an intimate meeting and event space with a matchless outdoor experience. Hand placed stone hearths, reclaimed barnwood, geothermal heating and cooling, and a lawn that is ideal for events makes the Redford Conference Center a truly remarkable space, a unique place that is a welcome alternative to more typical commercially franchised product.

Redford’s dedication to the remarkable land that is Sundance over the past 41 years has guided every building, every enterprise and every decision with careful examination before any dirt is moved, any rock placed and form extended. As process blends with place the result is an unmatched resort experience with artistic, environmental and recreational opportunities for every guest, family and group. Great care was given to making the new building environmentally friendly. The geothermal heating and cooling, which allows the building to be heated in winter by pulling heat from the ground deep below the building and supplementing that heat to bring it to the desired temperature; in summer, heat from the building is dispersed deep in the ground, allowing for efficient cooling.

Other key environmental features include:

Lighting: 95% of the lights in the new conference center are LED or fluorescent.
Carpet: the carpet in the Ballroom is Cradle-to-Cradle certified and 100% PVC-free.
Wood: The wood finishes are reclaimed materials. Ballroom wood and the painted woods in the pre-function spaces are all reclaimed barn materials.
The mantle above the fireplace is a timber from a barn in Illinois.
The “snowfence” material in the pre-function space is from the fences that hold back the snow in Wyoming.
The “corral board” material lining the stair walls is from old corrals in Wyoming and Montana

Hearth: The hearthstone is a locally quarried (within 30 miles) piece of stone that required only 2 cuts for installation

The Redford Conference Center will be home to many meetings and weddings for decades to come, but unlike many other places, it will also be home to the unique programmatic events that distinguish Sundance Resort, events that include leadership conferences, the Sundance Author Series, specialty retreats and topical public policy summits. “The opening of the Redford Conference Center initiates a new era for the Sundance Resort, one where service, spirit, innovation and creativity are taken to the next level at this special place. We are very pleased to be opening this new conference center where I’m sure many special moments, ideas, discussions will no doubt be inspired,” commented Chad Linebaugh, Sundance general manager. For more information on Sundance, call (801) 225-4107 or visit our website,