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Sri Lanka's Heritage In Ayurveda At "Ayurveda Expo-2011"

The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) jointly with the Ministries of Indigenous Medicine, Economic Development, Industry and Commerce and External Affairs and Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Sri Lanka Tourism, Gem & Jewellery Authority and Sri Lankan Airlines will hold “Ayurveda Expo-2011” “Yoga, Meditation, Health Food and Wellness” International exhibition and symposium from 15th – 17th July, 2011 at the BMICH, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Ayurveda, the nature friendly treatment system in curing ailments has been practiced in Sri Lanka throughout its history of over 3,000 years. Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and other alternative treatments are extensively used by Sri Lankans since of late as the people now have realized the value of this nature friendly system which has a high capacity to cure ailments with no side effects. With the complicated ailments associated with the modern lifestyle and food habits, Ayurveda treatments are becoming more and more popular not only in Sri Lanka but also in many parts of the world. There are also many foreigners seeking Ayurvedic treatment in Sri Lanka.

Ayurveda goes hand in hand with the nature and Sri Lankan style of holistic way of life. Ayurveda uses natural herbs, fruits, flowers, roots and bark as ingredients in preparing oils, tonics, creams, body wraps, etc. Sri Lanka is blessed with its rich bio diversity which boasts of having hundreds of endemic plants which are used in preparing valuable Ayurvedic preparations.

Not only medicines and food habits but also the purification of mind through meditation is also a very important aspect of Ayurveda as the mind is considered to be one of the main causes of many a physical ill health. Yoga is another system used for treatment to balance ones energies. Since of late Ayurveda has become a lifestyle of people so much so that various Ayurveda activities such as medical treatment, serving of health related food and beverages made out of medicinal herbs, yoga exercise, meditation and Spas have been introduced into hotels and resorts to cater to the demand of foreign travelers.

Another important factor in this system is the strength of the knowledge of over thousands of Ayurvedic doctors who are spread throughout the island. Sri Lankan government has highly recognized Ayurveda so much so that it supports the sector strongly through a Cabinet Ministry with well equipped research centers, Ayurveda hospitals and medical colleges while supporting the growth of the private sector.

The organizers of Ayurveda Expo 2011 expect to pass the message about Sri Lanka’s expertise and the high potential on Ayurveda to the world through this three-day mega exhibition and symposium. We have invited delegations from all over the world to participate at “Ayurveda Expo 2011” to enable them to see for themselves the benefits of Ayurveda for human life. Visitors will also have the opportunity to have business tie ups with Ayurveda products manufacturing organizations and Ayurveda related service providers which include health tourism and health related food and beverages. We have allocated a separate area for one-one business meetings between exhibitors and potential customers, said Mr. Asoka Hettigoda, the Chairman of the “Ayurveda Expo–2011” organizing Committee who is also the President of the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka.

At “Ayurveda Expo – 2011”, organizations involved in Ayurvedic and alternative products exports and imports, beauty culture, healthcare products and herbal cosmetics manufacturing, health resorts and spas, Ayurveda clinics and hospitals, medical and research institutions and medical clinics such as yoga, acupuncture and homeopathy, manufacturers of gym and spa equipment, Healing gem and jewelry, and astrology are expected to display their products and services. We have invited exhibitors of the above products and services from other countries in the world to participate at this event so that they could expose their products and services to a gathering of people from many countries thereby creating a broader platform, Mr. Hettigoda said. For more information visit