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African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference Set For Nova Scotia September 22-24

Nova Scotia is proud to host the 7th International African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference, an annual summit dedicated to cultural tourism initiatives and honoring African culture and heritage throughout the world. The conference will offer three days of rich, thought-provoking conversations and first-hand experiences of how to preserve, promote and protect sites that are important to the global narrative of people and culture of African descent.


Voices From The Past
From strategies on historical research to tangible artifacts such as burial grounds, panelists will discuss how examining and exploring our history can drive education, community development and economic growth in our future.

The Role of Government in ADHT Development
Representatives from several African Diaspora countries — representing North America, Africa, and the Caribbean — will highlight local initiatives and discuss what role government should play in protecting and developing national African Diaspora Heritage Trail sites and assets.

The Amistad – Nova Scotia – Sierra Leone Connection
This unique presentation weaves together people and events in Britain, the U.S., Canada and Sierra Leone over a 200-year span, reflecting the true interconnectedness of the African Diaspora.

Marketing and Promoting our Assets & Culture: A Local Perspective
What are the best ways to promote the culture and heritage of Nova Scotia's African-descended communities? How do we showcase the depth and breadth of our cultural assets?
Representatives from three cultural organizations join in a candid conversation on what works — and what doesn't — in Nova Scotia.

Telling Stories: From Griot to Book to Film

Storytelling has always played a role in African cultures around the world. Artists from different media discuss how the oral tradition of storytelling can engage us in the past, inform us, and challenge us to discover more about who we are.

Preserve, Promote and Protect: Case Studies from Ontario

For many it was their final destination on the Underground Railroad — but the story didn’t end there. Cultural historians discuss Ontario’s important role in the African-Canadian narrative and the ongoing efforts to preserve, promote and protect the province’s history and culture.
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