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Learn New Executive Strategies
Astute planners should attend the Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum (ECEF), on Wednesday, June 2 at the J.W. Marriott in Washington, DC. Where executive strategies are the focus ECEF provides the management framework you need to improve your events. This year's forum opens and closes with an in-depth review of two critical new concepts:

Return on Reputation by Peter Weedfald
Keynote from visionary business executive Peter Weedfald, president, Gen One Ventures, will examine how events contribute to exhibitors' and sponsors' return on reputation (ROR). Today's CMOs are "Chief Metrics Officers" responsible for wresting hard results from exhibits and sponsorships, and integrating them with their companies' new social media marketing programs. Peter's presentation, Pictures at an Exhibition, will change the way you produce and sell your events.

Value Innovation by Dr. Roch Parayre
How did Cirque du Soleil carve out a new market in the mature circus industry? How did [yellow tail] encourage non-wine drinkers to buy their wine? They "value innovated," fundamentally reinventing their market to wild and profitable success. Dr. Roch Parayre's closing keynote describes how to use Blue Ocean Strategy to value innovate and reveals areas ripe for innovation in the convention and exhibition space. His suggestions will be based on research into the industry.

Learn from the Leaders
ECEF — the world's only conference exclusively for business media and association executives — gathers the A-list of C-level decision-makers from the exhibition and convention industry for a full day of peer learning and networking. 100% of attendees recommend ECEF to a colleague.
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