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Announcing The Adventure Canada Young Explorers Program Advocating For Greater Global Knowledge Of The Arctic

In partnership with The Explorers Club, the next generation of young explorers join Adventure Canada expeditions to gain a deeper understanding of our great white north

As part of our ongoing dedication to advancing global knowledge about the Arctic region and Inuit culture, Adventure Canada is proud to announce the Adventure Canada Young Explorers Program, in partnership with The Explorers Club. This program gives participants between the ages of 18-30 the opportunity to gather knowledge about the Arctic while on board an Adventure Canada expedition, and ultimately contribute to the world's greater understanding of the region through their research.

The Adventure Canada Young Explorers Program arose from the desire to encourage budding explorers to experience the Arctic and conduct research aligning with their interests and aspirations, from science, filmmaking, storytelling, art, and most everything in between. Successful participants are required to submit a proposal outlining their intended project and benefits, how they plan to interact and collaborate with both expedition passengers and Arctic community members, as well as their plans to share the knowledge gained with the public at large once the trip is complete. A board comprised of Adventure Canada executives and scientists meet twice annually to evaluate the proposals.

Candidates for this program are sourced through The Explorers Club, drawing from their membership and Explorers Club associates who are connected with this historic and storied institution. The Explorers Club promotes the scientific exploration of land, sea, air, and space by supporting research and education in the physical, natural and biological sciences. The Club's members have been responsible for an illustrious series of famous firsts: First to the North Pole, first to the South Pole, first to the summit of Mount Everest, first to the deepest point in the ocean and first to the surface of the moon. "We are proud to partner with The Explorers Club, and through this effort hope to engage a broader membership and their families to be stewards of the North, and of the Arctic," says Adventure Canada CEO Cedar Swan. "Contributing to the world's knowledge of the Arctic is a priority for Adventure Canada. We view it as the best way to preserve the region and support the local people who call the Arctic home."

The first 12 Adventure Canada Young Explorers departed in July aboard the ice-class expedition vessel Ocean Endeavour and took part in the Heart of the Arctic expedition, one of Adventure Canada's most community- and art-focused itineraries. The young men and women hailed from Europe, the United States, Canada, and Iceland - and visited numerous lower Arctic communities in Greenland, southern Baffin Island, and Nunavik. They also visited famed Inuit artist co-ops, interacted with other young people living in the small communities, connected with Adventure Canada's exceptional roster of resource staff and passengers armed with decades of exploration in the Arctic and beyond. The Young Explorers' research is being shared through Adventure Canada and the Explorers Club networks.

"We aim to help a new generation of explorers experience the Arctic," says Stefan Kindberg, Explorers Club member and long-time Adventure Canada Expedition Leader. "Not only does participation in this program allow young people to see the Arctic firsthand - it also sets a precedent for their further grant funding down the road."

Over Adventure Canada's three decades of operation and its long-standing travel partnership with The Explorers Club, an educational mandate has always been of paramount importance to each and every expedition. Through immersive, onboard programming and an elite resource staff of regional experts, the family-owned and -operated business has endeavored to broaden Canadians' understanding of their country and provide life-changing travel experiences. The Adventure Canada Young Explorers Program is the next logical step in this trend of spearheading knowledge about and reverence for the Arctic.

For more information about the Adventure Canada Young Explorers Program, visit, or call (800) 363-7566.

About Adventure Canada

Founded in 1987, Adventure Canada is a family-owned and operated adventure travel company specializing in land-based and small ship cruise adventures in Canada's Arctic and east coast regions, Greenland, and select wilderness destinations. Adventure Canada's trips feature a wide array of special guests including musicians, authors, biologists, and historians.