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Tools Of The Trade

The Last-Minute First-Quarter Save: Five Tactics To Help You Snatch Record Profits From The Jaws Of Defeat
If your business's first quarter numbers aren't looking good, you may be tempted to throw in the towel.
The Simplicity Cure: Why True Employee Engagement Lies In The Little Things
We all know that employee disengagement can have a devastating impact on companies' bottom lines. What's not so obvious is the solution.
"Can We Talk?" Four Tips For Delivering Bad News
Delivering Bad News Isn't Pleasant-But at Times, It's Necessary. Geoffrey Tumlin Shares a Simple Formula to Help You Conduct Life's Difficult Conversations.
New Stylish Nametags Produce Better Socialization
Badgetec has expanded its new line of printable laser/inkjet sheets that produce complete badgetag for business events, meetings and socials.
QR Codes On Business Meeting Nametags
Displaying QR Codes on business meeting nametags makes networking easier and permits Smart Phones to transfer ones name and contact information
Exact-ly What Danamagi Needed
Cloud Based Guest Internet Provider Danmagi Announces a Significant Investment Deal by Exact Invest, a Danish Venture Capital Company
New Laser Sheet Provides All-In-One Waste -Free Id's, Name Badges
Simplifies Tasks For Office & Event Managers
New Eco-Friendly Name Badges From Diecut Sheets: Stylish, Clothing-Safe, Lower Cost
A new category of easier-to-issue, eco-friendly name badges has been introduced by Badgetec – no adhesives or plastic holders.
Trakdot Luggage Debuts
There’s been a lot of buzz about Trakdot since its announcement earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show.
New Easier-To-Wear Personal Tags Without Adhesive, Pins Or Plastic Holders
Badgetec has developed a new category of wearable Personal Tags that attach to ones clothing with a new “paperclip-like” clip. Called the Contour Clip®