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Your Circle is Your Network and Net Worth, Is It 'Heal-Thy'?

It's time to end the stigma of mental health in the Black communities and start addressing our traumas so we can work collectively, productively and fruitfully, to contribute to wealth building in our communities. Abu Simbel, LLC event company is a Dallas based business that held a series of events (Post COVID-19) that provided the community with networking opportunities which centered around wealth and health. The events, which showcased panels of community leaders discussing prevalent issues in the community such as healthy eating, mental health, healing traumas and wealth, grew rapidly from 40 to over 400 participants. It blossomed as one of Dallas's most premier health conscious events which landed rapper, actor and activist, David Banner as its keynote speaker.

Amazingly, the events were simply a prelude to a bigger vision which is the wellness resort in Belize ( The events served a real, live interactive survey which would give the participants a taste of what they would actually experience at the resort. Owner, and HBCU alumni Shajuanda White, has partnered with Zector, founders Calaunte Winston and Nathan Nti, in building an empire merging Technology and Mental Wellness. With over twenty years of experience in IT industries for Fortune top 10 companies, private businesses and government contracts.

The primary focus and passion is the multi-million dollar conglomerate vision for Abu Simbel, LLC which houses an events, Abu Simbel wellness resort, and technology business.

Zector Technology

• Our mobile development team can help you put your company in your customer's packet by increasing brand engagement with an intuitive, creative and interactive cross-platform application.

• Creating Web development, Mobile App, UI/UX Design, Web Scraping and Media Services, and independent entertainers, speakers gain complete control over their content by developing their own platforms where they can monetize their audience.

• Creating Thrive Network with co-founder Shajuanda, a new social media platform for the culture, uncensored and unapologetically.

Abu Simbel Wellness Resort

• The wellness center is a private, peer to peer resort, that is a quick three hour flight from the US. It offers a relaxing vibe amongst our ancestors, with abundant fruit and mystical blue waters as the backdrop. It is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of tourism and as touted as a must experience destination for healing and transformation in 2021

• It is a non-medical retreat center that provides education on ancient wellness techniques that benefit participants today. To promote health and wealth. To inspire, transform and uplift personal and spiritual growth. Located amid the southern part of the Island of Ambergris.

Thrive. Network Online

Thrive Network co-founders, Shajuanda White, Calaunte Winston and Nathan Nti to bring a new innovating social media platform blockchain that allows our voices and stories to be heard authentically and unapologetically without censorship or ambiguous algorithms.

Shajuanda has built a successful career that's been forged through resiliency and strength. Her journey brings to mind one of her favorite quotes by Iyanla Vanzant, "the trees with the strongest branches and deepest roots are those that have withstood the heavy winds and stormy weather, season after season. Her current ventures as the founder of Abu Simbel events, wellness resort and technology company is simply another endeavor for the innovative entrepreneur! The former owner of "Kemet Kitchen," which was a health conscious restaurant in the heart of Dallas' Deep Ellum area, spent many years in IT usually as the only African-American woman in a senior program management position. Although she thrived in this industry and was able to command a high, 6 figure income, she knew she had a greater calling to cater to her culture by offering platforms for collective creativity, expression, healing, along with innovating technology and community building and outreach.

Shajuanda' s advice to young entrepreneurs would be to have a strong foundation in believing in yourself and never allowing critics to say your dream is too big to achieve. She firmly believes that consistency, working hard, but working smart with impeccable execution is invaluable. She also emphasizes partnering and working with friends, or business persons you trust that can help you in achieving your goals, and not going at it alone. She encourages study and research into your chosen field and surrounding yourself with intelligent people who may have skill sets you don't have, but who have the same determination and drive that you do. Shajuanda also believes in reaching back, and the value of meaningful mentorship, as Shajuanda has mentored young developers into becoming entrepreneurs.
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